P 8 May 2011

Yeah, this is my eye :)



K* 9th April 2011

went to 7UP's home. I love the colour of her home, so warm and 70's...(maybe 60's....or 80's...whatever) wood wood wood and green sofa...amazine decoration.


K* 30th March 2011

went to my boss's home~~~Love it so much


K* 30th March 2011

Went to IKEA in Causeway Bay today. Interesting, there is a new IKEA cart in Hong Kong----so classic chinese style:-)


K* 25th March 2011

I already back to Hong Kong, here is the First picture.
So busy and tired this week. But I enjoy it.
I hope I can find a job that similer this one.
Good people and go to many different places:-)

Hope I can pick up my camera to take more different pictures for POKIE.
New life in HK


K* 23rd December 2010

decoration from my neighbor

decoration from my neighbor....

chocolate shopppppp