C: 5 Mar 2013

W for wood. 


C: 27 Feb 2013

V is definitely for Victoria Harbour!
Except the wind and rain, it was a quiet afternoon without tourists' buzz.

C: 26 Feb 2013

U for Umbrella.

K* 27th Feb 2013

V for Vanishing point,
Today, I had a walk with my sis to downtown(yuen Long)
It took us 3 hours totally, such a good

K* 26th Feb 2013

U for Uniqlo,
Today, i had a walk-in interview with my sis.
That will be great if i can work in Uniqlo with her.
good salary, good time and nice shop.Love their clothes so much.

K* 25th Feb 2013

T for Triangle.
I don't have Pierced ears....so i couldn't wear any ear ring....
But, i love to collect some beautiful ear ring, just like this colorful one,
one of my friend gave it to me.


C: 25 Feb 2013

T for Tram.
Nok Nok always go crazy when he sees "Ding Ding"!

C: 24 Feb 2013

S for Sleeping.
Hahahahahahaha he just felt so safe to expose his tummy to everyone!

C: 23 Feb 2013

R for Red.


P / 20120225

T for Tea

A cup of nice hot breakfast tea just simply brightens my day :)

P / 20120224

S for Salad

P / 20130223

R for Rex

He's my favorite character from Toy Story :D

P / 20130222

Q for Queuing

K* 24th Feb 2013

S for Saizeriya, tea with my friends on Sunday, so nice

K* 23rd Feb 2013

R for rabbit.

K* 22nd feb 2013

Q for quick,
my iphone was n0t quick enough to take her picture.


K* 21st Feb 2013

P fpr Pencil, My no. 1 Pen, my good partner.


C: 22 Feb 2013

The time now is a quarter to six.
Q is for quarter.

C: 21 Feb 2013

P for Pink.
It's spring now.

P for Polaroid.
Instant camera is one of the must have items in my travel backpack! 


P / 20130221

P for Pret / P for Paper Bag

K* 20th Feb 2013

O for Orange.....I am Genius again...

orange color and the real orange's orange....
yes...stay at home whole day again, too boring...
still waiting for emailsssss reply, and keep sending emaisl out too...

K* 19th Feb 2013

N for notebook...stay at home whole day, keep drawing day...and waititng for emailssss

two notebook u can see fr this photo, i am Genius.

K* sharing

we should try something like this.

C: 20 Feb 2013

O for Old.
This building was old and the paint of it's column was peeling off.


P / 20130220

O for Old Man

I love the way he dresses :)

P / 20130219

N for No Smoking


K* 18th Feb 2013

M for Mug.

M for Memo tape

C: 19 Feb 2013

N is for Nail.
N is for Neon.


P / 20130218

M for Middle C

C: 18 Feb 2013

M is for Market.

K* 17th feb 2013

L for light.

C: 17 Feb 2013

L is for Lemon.

P / 20130217

L for Lettuce


P / 20130216

K for Kimchi

K* 16th feb 2013

K for Kylie, yeahhh is me!!!!! Picture took by ar Cer.

C: 16 Feb 2013

K is for Key.


K* 15th feb 2013

J for jelly, juice, jumbo meal and Jason , today I went to crystal home, have a wonderful home made dinner with her friends.... So full

K* 14th feb 2013

I for ink, yeah my favorite material for my drawin, stay at home for whole day.


P / 20130215

J for Japanese Strawberry Jam

There are two Js here! I thought I would find jelly beans at log-on but they don't sell any there :(

C: 15 Feb 2013

J is for Jeans.
My favorite short pants.

C: 14 Feb 2013

I is for Ivy.
Sorry that I posted late, and some of you might saw this picture before. It's because my phone was not with me yesterday, so I just picked an old one from my gallery.

Ivy is one of my favorite plants. It's tough, free and artistic, like a painting by nature. So beautiful.

P.s. Ivy is also my beloved sister, and I love her so much.


P / 20130214

I for IKEA Salmon Spread

P / 20130213

H for Happy Kids

C: 13 Feb 2013

H is for High Heel.