C: 5 Mar 2013

W for wood. 


C: 27 Feb 2013

V is definitely for Victoria Harbour!
Except the wind and rain, it was a quiet afternoon without tourists' buzz.

C: 26 Feb 2013

U for Umbrella.

K* 27th Feb 2013

V for Vanishing point,
Today, I had a walk with my sis to downtown(yuen Long)
It took us 3 hours totally, such a good

K* 26th Feb 2013

U for Uniqlo,
Today, i had a walk-in interview with my sis.
That will be great if i can work in Uniqlo with her.
good salary, good time and nice shop.Love their clothes so much.

K* 25th Feb 2013

T for Triangle.
I don't have Pierced ears....so i couldn't wear any ear ring....
But, i love to collect some beautiful ear ring, just like this colorful one,
one of my friend gave it to me.